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POE and Router

Pictured above is the router and POE. This is representative of a typical install. Your's should look similar but may vary slightly. The router provides your WiFi also known as your wireless network.

We have enhanced the view of the POE. The POE is a power box that provides power to our equipment on the roof. This box has two ports on it, one labelled POE and one labelled LAN. The POE port provides power to our equipment.
**ATTENTION -- This will damage equipment if plugged into anything other than our equipment -- ATTENTION**
The port labelled LAN should always connect to either your computer or a router.

We have zoomed in on the router in this picture. As you can see there are three cables pictured. One red cable coming from the LAN port of the POE into the gray port on the router. The second cable is blue and this goes to your computer. The third cable is the power to your router.

The first step to trouble shooting is to ensure everything is plugged in and powered on. You should see green lights on the router, and a blue light on the POE.

The second step is to check that your computer is connected to the network.

If you are having speed issues please read this article before contacting us regarding speed issues. Also be sure to check out our news page to see if there is a known issue in your area. If all else fails please email us with the answers to these questions to help us diagnose the issue to get it resolved quickly.

1.       Please describe how you primarily connect to the internet.

		a.       Scenario 1 – Radio on roof, cable into the house, cable to the router, and all pc’s laptops, tv’s, tablets, phones are connected wirelessly?

		b.      Scenario 2 – Radio on roof, cable into the house, cable straight into a single pc

2.       How many devices are connected at anyone one time:

3.       Are speeds slow:

		a.       24/7

		b.      During the day

		c.       When everyone is connected

		d.      Only in the morning

		e.      Only in the evening

4.       Where is the router located in your home:

		a.       On a desk

		b.      In a closet

		c.       In the attic

		d.      Sorry, I have to ask because we do have it happen, in the garage, pump well, shed, etc

5.       Do you have a 1, 2, 3, or 4 story home? If more than 1 story, where is the router and where are most of the devices?

6.       Do you have wireless signal booster?

7.       Any information that you believe would be useful for SOS to know…